Where to find minerals in bulk

Local Farm Stores: These are your best sources for bulk fertilizers, as you won’t have to pay shipping. Although materials may not be carried in stock, they can perhaps be special ordered. Feathermeal and soybean meal are listed under feed rather than under fertilizers. Try searching on “Feed” or “Farm Supply” in your area. Materials usually come in 50 lb bags.

Alpha Chemicals, Missouri, http://alphachemicals.com/
Small quantities of most sulfates. Internet only.

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Grass Valley, CA  www.groworganic.com

Black Lake Organics, Olympia, WA  http://www.blacklakeorganic.com/

Seven Springs Farm, Floyd County, VA  http://www.7springsfarm.com/

Concentrates, Portland, Oregon  http://www.concentratesnw.com/
We carry many natural/organic custom fertilizer blends, and we can have custom blends made to your specs or our recommendations in 1 ton lots or more, in bulk totes or bagged. heather@concentratesnw.com

Grow Organic, Hood River, OR  http://groworganics.org/ (no shipping)

Keep It Simple, Inc., Redmond, WA
www.kisorganics.com for online orders
1-425-558-0990. Small quantities of minerals. Potting soil & more.

Where to find minerals in Canada:

I usually buy everything from the local feed store (Buckerfields is one of them, I also buy from a commercial outfilt called Evergrow in Victoria. also Integrity Sales in Victoria ), and there are some stores out here on the West Coast that are more organically oriented and have a better selection (Borden Mercantile in Victoria, for instance). Many of these stores are able to source special products
You can get almost anything online from the Organic Gardener’s Pantry in smaller quantities.