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Kline: Soil Analysis and Sustainable Agriculture



By Gary Kline of Blossom Consulting

Presentation to the Nutrient Management Class at The Evergreen State College, May 16, 2012

“I decided to title my presentation “Soil Analysis and Sustainable Agriculture”. As for my philosophy on
achieving and maintaining soil fertility, I will point out that it is a borrowed philosophy from some
giants of alternative agriculture. Very little is original with me, and I don’t profess to have any special
knowledge. I do consider this to be the most important subject in the world. I am a convert from
conventional organics to a particular brand of Ecological Agriculture which may be very different from
what colleges teach under that banner, and I am simply a messenger on a mission. However, I did
create a name for what I preach about, and that name is Mineral-Augmented Organics, which goes way
beyond regular organics, and the distinction centers on the word “mineral”.  “