Category: Soil Surveys

USDA Soil Survey Database

With this link, US residents can access the USDA’s and older Soil Conservation Service data on their land.  It is extremely useful to know the soil type you are dealing with – everyone who can should make use of this resource.

Important information contained in the survey includes land classification (suitability for agriculture), Class 1 to Class 8, soil name, it’s texture classification (Sandy, Loamy Sand, Sandy Loam, Loam, Clay Loam or Clay) and also, the typical organic matter range for your soil..

World Soil Information (ISRIC)

An independent source of information on the world’s soils: International Soil Reference and Information Centre

Including the world soil library:

European Soil Portal

European soil portal with links to maps, study materials, etc.


United Nations Land Resources pages

United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO) pages on land use and soils worldwide.  There is a world wide soils database with viewer available.  This may be especially useful in those areas not covered by more detailed maps.