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Elisabet’s Experience

i’m almost at a loss of words to describe the affect the re-mineralizing
of my soil i did this spring , has had on my greens (which are the bulk of
my garden up here in washington)…. the plants are sturdy and robust, in
looks and feel and my body practically starts salivating when i’m making a
salad, which is my main food of the evening meal as well as a green drink
in the morning for breakfast!…
i’m finding this food is so alive that i can’t put anything “dead” (such
as some salad dressings) on/in it, so i only use organic golden balsamic
vinegar as a dressing…. i add some avocado, sometimes nuts (if they are
fresh enough), sometimes a bit of organic, raw goat milk cheese from the
area and i can hardly eat it all fast enough… i have shared the greens
with friends and all have the same comments…”WOW!…this is a whole new
way to eat”…..

i don’t take any mineral supplement and wish i could keep this all going
in the winter… the food is so alive and nutritious and it and my body
are having a love affair…plus, i love being in my garden more than
ever…. the dandelions (which i use a lot) have the HUGEST leaves i’ve
ever seen, and all the babies i started indoors early spring are doing
great… we are also very lucky here, because we have an organic farmer
who does beautiful, healthy starts, so i buy those for lettuce and some of
the other greens i like…

so, steve and all who helped over the winter, as i learned how to do soil
tests, add minerals, etc, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being such
strong advocats for re-mineralizing…
steve, i don’t know if you remember saying to me in an early email when
you were telling me your experiences with remineralizing your soil, you
wished you could send me a zuchinni…well, now, i wish i could send you a
head of lettuce!!!….WOW! i’m a convert and telling everyone i can that
this is the next step in growing food…not just “composting” (as we have
all done forever) or adding “fertilizer”, but add back in minerals….
amazing!!! (i’m a believer!!)…. elisabet